Swiecie ECO7

To meet the corrugated industry’s increasing demand for excellent lightweight liners and flutings, Mondi has set up a lightweight recycled containerboard machine at Mondi Swiecie in Poland. This EUR 285 million investment in Swiecie's ECO7 enables cost-effective and environmentally sound production with no compromise on quality and performance. The successful startup took place just 17 months after work on the project began and the first reel was produced on September the 1st, 2009.

Since ECO7 was started up, its paper output has reached the 1 million ton milestone in January 2012. The lightweight recycled containerboard grades ProVantage Fluting WB and ProVantage Testliner 3 reduce the overall weight of packaging solutions. The ECO7 premium service concept ensures fast delivery of the ECO7 paper qualities


Mondi Swiecie S.A.
Jacek Robak
Ulica Bydgoska
PL - 86-1005, Swiecie
Tel: +48 (0)52 332 1000
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